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Criminal Lawyer in Houston with a Difference

When you are faced with a criminal case in Houston, you need the services rendered by professional criminal lawyers in the city to ensure your freedom. DWI offenses are taken seriously in Houston and lots of charges await convicts. You may end up losing your driver’s license and hence your freedom when convicted of a DWI offense. More so, you will suffer high insurance premium because every insurance company will see you as irresponsible and therefore increase their insurance charges. You can avoid these dangers by leveraging professional legal services rendered by Kelly Benavides.

houston-dwi-attorney3The Benavides law firm can fight for you in order to recover your freedom and license. The Houston DWI attorney, Kelly Benavides, will defend your rights aggressively by leveraging requisite laws. She is well versed in Houston criminal laws and therefore will wield them in defending you. Benavides is a member of many professional bodies in Houston such as Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Association, National College of DUI Defense and Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyer Association. She is highly experienced in Houston criminal defense and with her experiences, you are sure of victory in the case.

More so, the Houston DWI lawyer will listen to your own side of the story in order to ascertain the best way to defend you in the criminal case so as to ensure your acquittal in the case. She looks for where you are neglected in the case and uses it as a strong point in winning your case. Because of the complex and unique nature of DWI cases, Kelly Benavides offers you free consultancy in order to encourage you to leverage the service. You can contact the Benavides law firm online or simply call them so as to obtain this service. Benavides will stand by your side and will work hand in hand with you so as to ensure your freedom in the criminal case.

Kelly Benavides: Houston’s Best DWI


Houston criminal lawyer

Bestdwilawyerhouston.com is the official website of Benavides Law Firm which is owned and ran by Kelly Benavides. The website claims that the Benavides Law Firm is the best law firm in Houston and why shouldn’t it be when it’s run by someone as capable as Kelly Benavides. She is an experienced prosecutor and criminal attorney. If you suddenly find yourself in legal trouble and want someone to protect your rights then don’t hesitate to call Kelly. For the people of Houston, Kelly is always here to help. You can find all about her work and contact information on her website.

Kelly is fully qualified to help remove your warrants if you are facing any type of city violations. If you are in danger of your license being revoked or it has already been suspended, Kelly can help you out of this ordeal. Whether it’s the charge of a felony, traffic tickets, misdemeanours, divorce, child custody or personal injury Kelly can handle it all for you. Being a Houston criminal lawyer, Kelly has years of experience of dealing this type of charges and has helped numerous people to date who have all gone back to living their normal lives now. You never know when you can find yourself in legal trouble and when you do it can wreck your life unless you find someone to defend your case in court and get you out of the fire unscathed.

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Houston criminal lawyer

If you unfortunately find yourself on the wrong side of law, don’t hesitate to call Kelly for help. She is the authenticated criminal lawyer and no matter what your issue is, she would always take out time to sit and listen to your story. She is the one of the best Houston criminal lawyers and would prepare best defence for you. If you have been wrongly accused of a crime, the Benavides Law Firm promises to defend you in court and make sure you don’t have to pay the price for something you didn’t do. You can find all you need about the best DWI in Houston on the website.


houston-criminal-defenseCriminal law is a body of knowledge implied in law to pursue crimes committed by man. It is to regulate social conduct that threats safety, health, and moral welfare of people. It is not like civil law which deals with the victim’s compensation and not on the issues of punishment. Failure to abide to criminal law will lead you to punishments or sanctions. Capital punishments are usually reserved for the most serious of crimes. The Physical or Corporal punishments are for the less serious crimes which may lead to caning or lashing of the perpetrators body. There are innate purposes for the enforcement of criminal punishments and these are:

 Incapacitation – This is designed to bring away criminals from society to avoid any more injuries inflicted to society member. An example is when a Houston criminal lawyer moves for and indictment to afford the offender some jail time to incapacitate him from further offenses.

Rehabilitation – This is the process that involves transforming a criminal offender into a more useful member of society by focusing on transforming the criminal’s outlook of the commission of the crime. The concept of parole and probation is anchored in this principle.

Deterrence – This is the act of giving adequate or sufficient penalty to discourage the offender to commit the crime again. The imposition of large fines of money will deter the offender to sin no more.

Restoration – The goal of restoration is to repair the damage done to the offended party. An example is when a Houston criminal lawyer sites a case of embezzlement from an organization, the offender is directed by law to pay off the amount embezzled in this case.

Retribution – Retribution is based on the concept that offenders that does not abide by the laws of the land are ought to be punished. Sometimes the punishment for killing is death itself.

Criminal law aims to put order in society and to give due punishments for those who commits the crime. The act of implementation moves the scales of justice for the common good.